Developing a Career Change Plan

So you’ve finally decided to take that bold next step in your life and change careers. Congratulations! Changing can be challenging, but if you do your homework and set a proper plan in place to transition to your next career, it should go as smoothly as you allow it. Changing careers is a bit differentContinue reading “Developing a Career Change Plan”

Time to Update Your Resume

Think of updating your resume like going to the dentist. It can sometimes be a painful process, but in the end, you’re better off with those regularly scheduled appointments and cleanings. Keeping your resume updated is a process you should get yourself into. By getting into the practice of regularly updating your resume, you are sure toContinue reading “Time to Update Your Resume”

Resume Activity Between Job Searches

One of the emptier feelings a person can experience is the feeling of losing a job. The suddenness of working today, but not tomorrow can be a very trying experience. Of course, the sudden loss of income is one of the most gut-wrenching and nerve-wracking experiences a person can deal with when it comes toContinue reading “Resume Activity Between Job Searches”

Five Tips for College Student on Job Interviews

This time of year, college seniors are going to job fairs with the hopes of landing that first job following graduation next year. For most students, however, this is usually their first experience with a professional interview. Interviews in the professional market are a bit different than those previously experienced for summer jobs, or after-school mall jobs. HereContinue reading “Five Tips for College Student on Job Interviews”

Strengthening your Career through Advanced Education

If you are between careers or simply contemplating a jump-start into a new career, furthering your education is an excellent first step toward a new career. Additional education has quite a few perks that you can benefit from in addition to jump-starting a new career. Furthering education can open up doors that aren’t currently openContinue reading “Strengthening your Career through Advanced Education”